For generations artists, idealists, royalty and commerce have shaped Antwerp into one of Europe's most cosmopolitan cities. As a result of this Antwerp has become a fashion capital and a popular destination for those who want a true shopping experience. Throughout our city's streets you will find a mix of luxury brands rubbing shoulders with independent boutiques.

With our city centre location you can enjoy the short stroll to the high streets such as the Meir or the Leien boulevards where you can begin your retail experience. Antwerp's and Belgium's biggest shopping centre, Wijnegem Shopping Center, with over 250 shops, restaurants and bars is a 15 minute journey from our hotel by car or public transport,

The Fashion District

At the Queen A we are always looking for a new and unique experience for our guests. So if you want a unique shopping experience or have a passion for fashion then visit the Fashion District. Not only is it a home to a variety of shops but it is also the location of the Flanders Fashion Institute, the Fashion Academy of Antwerp and our city's very own Fashion Museum.